As a broker, BV Shipping is working with a large network of carriers
and different types if vessels

RORO vessels

Roll-on/roll-off ships which are designed to carry wheeled cargo. Using ramps to drive on and off cargo, it makes loading and unloading very efficient and safe. RORO trades are worldwide and using RORO transshipment port hubs.

MPP vessels

Multi-purpose vessels are ships designed for the carriage of a wide range of cargoes (for examples : bulk cargo, break-bulk cargo, high and heavy loads) or mixed type of cargoes (for a full mobilization project for example). Also, they are used to get into smaller harbours because of their limited draught.


Container ships are designed to carry cargo loaded in intermodal containers. It allows efficient intermodal freight transport. Container trades are worldwide and the most developed trades of the world. There are containers transshipment port hubs.