What we do and where

Specialized Project Cargo Logistics

BV Shipping is a specialist for RoRo shipments from and to Africa but also Inter-Africa shipments. We are working on mobilization and demobilization projects, most of the time with construction companies, machine providers or equipment dealers.

We are also working with car constructors and their customers in order to ship various types of new vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, …). BV shipping is developing OEM industry long term partnerships.


In order to do so, we are working on daily basis with a large panel of shipping companies. We are working on main trades but we are also chartering vessels on a monthly basis to transport cargo efficiently. Building step by step a strong network of possibilities makes us capable of finding specific and accurate solutions regarding rates and transit time optimization : main carriers (RoRo or CT), spot shipments for inducement call, local partners in a lot of countries…


Today, BV shipping is mostly present on inter-Africa trade, Africa-Europe trade and Europe-Africa trade but we have started to work on Middle East-Africa and Brazil-Africa trades since respectively 6 and 2 years. In the future, we will develop our presence on those markets.


BV Shipping is not only a service provider, but also a true partner for our customers. Our mission is to offer the most complete service possible: solution, quotation, follow-up with maximum transparency for our customers.  We act as intermediaries throughout the transport process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
We aim to satisfy our long-standing customers since 2006 by always being responsive, and we’re equally happy to demonstrate the efficiency of our service to new customers.


BV shipping is consering both short term and long term partnerships. It’s important for us to be able to provide the best service for any kind of request. As a broker, our added value is flexibiliy. If a stable long term solution is needed we will find one, and if a quick competitive solution is needed we will work on it too.
We are looking for long term relationships on either short or long term deals.